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Korea made the first trial fishing operation of tuna longliner successful in the Indian Ocean in 1957, and after then with history of no less than 60years, we have accomplished a remarkable development by the positive and efficient support of the government to the overseas fishery portion and also by the enthusiastic participations of overseas fisheries industries.

The capacity of fishing vessels, less than 100 vessels in early 1960's, had greatly expanded up to 850, setting the highest record in the history in the latter part of 1970's. Even in the view of production's regard, it was far less than 100,000M/T at first in 1960's, but it had increased almost up to 500,000M/T in the latter part of 1970's. Export also 20 millionUS$ only in 1960's, but it had grown remarkably that it exceeded 300 millionUS$ in the latter part of 1970's. Despite considerable difficulties encountered due to the declaration of 200 miles exclusive economic zone by coatal states, oil shock, decline in fish prices, extension of fishing restraints on the high - seas and many others which rushed into from the latter part of 1970's, overseas fisheries have made their vigorous fishing activities and showed the potential strengh of achieving 454,053M/T in production and US$ 443,744,000 in export for the year of 2016.

255 fishing vessels are rendering the utmost efforts for the enhancement of national prestige and the development of food resource with exertion of about 4,380 crew, centered at 23 bases over the world. Our industry endeavoring for the promotion of crews'welfare, is much more exerting our efforts for the exploitation of new fishing ground, replacement of outworn vessels with new ones together with the management rationalization and improvement of financial sturcture, fully concentrating to the increase of production and export of fish products for the national economy taking into account the resources and environmental factors.


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