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The tuna longline fishery, the first step of deep sea fishery in this country, has been expanded with fishing capacity of 136 longliners for the past 61 years since the first fishing operation in 1957.
Tuna longliners have been operating in the high-seas and within the coastal states in the South Pacific as the main fishing grounds and exporting their catches mainly to Japan. Especially in the domestic markets, tuna SASHIMI demands are being increased year by year that it reaches up to about 17,045M/T in the recent scale. The quantity produced in 2016 was up to 35,329M/T, and the exporting record in amount was US$ 139,834,000.
◀Scene of tuna longliner operation


  ▲A tuna longliner heading for the fishing ground


▲Hygienic handling of tuna by Ultramodern facilities


Tuna purse-seining fishery in Korea was initiated by accessing into the Eastern Pacific fishing ground with 3 vessels in 1971.
Helicopter-aided mass operations were introduced in 1979 for the first time and the number of vessels increased to 32 as of the end of 2016. Most of the catches are supplied to the packers for our domestic consumption, and the remainders are being exported to foreign canneries.
In 2016, the catch was 300,387M/T and the value of export was US$ 215,789,000.


  ▲Scene of transhipping                   ▲Scene of laying a net

 ▲Tuna purse seiner equipped with modern fishing gears


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