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The squid fisheries were initiated in 1979 by accessing the drift net fisheries for the catch of red squid in the North Pacific and such full scale fishing operations from 1982 but it had been completely closed up under the UN resolution as of the end of 1992. The number of fishing vessels and catch was steadily increased, and as a part of new fishing ground exploitation together with development of New Zealand and Australian waters, such fisheries were expedited by proceeding into Falklands waters of the South Western Atlantic Ocean in 1985, so that new turning point of squid fisheries in Korea was provided. And Peruvian fishing ground was newly added to get raw materials for processing from 1990. The production in 2016 was up to 9,403M/T and the value of export was US$ 18,569,000 including jigging fishery and trawl fishery.

 ▲Squid jigger mooring at harbour



▲Squid being caught at jigging machine


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