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       ▲The 12th Regular Session of Technical and Compliance Committee of Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission


Korea signed Fisheries Agreements with 13 coastal states as of the end of 2015 to get licenses by direct fee-paying operations and by joint-venture cooperations.
Korea is expediting to support the economic cooperations including the invitation of fishermen trainees and dispatches of specialists from and to the coastal states.
Countries signed Fisheries Agreements with Korea are Japan, Australia, Iran, France, Kiribati, Solomon, Cook, Tuvalu, Mauritania, Ecuador, Russia, Papua New Guinea and China. Besides, the countries in which Korean vessels are operating or under planning for the operation of Korean vessels either in direct fishing or joint venture cooperation method are New Zealand, Russian, Nauru, Kiribati, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, FSM, England(Falklands), Mozambique etc.



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