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Overseas catches Such as tuna, squid, Saury and yellow Corvina(croacker) and popular fishes favored by among Korean Consumers, and are carrying out one of the main role in the Supplying of seafoods to the nation.
Overseas catches such as SASHIMI tuna and pollock fillet which used to be mostly exported during the past time are being converted gradually into the supply of domestic demands, and especially the consumption of surimi products including boild fish paste and imitation crab meat processed with pollock materials is now being enlarged, and the processed squid and various fish pickles also have been receiving good reputation from the consumers. Our fisheries field is extending several sorts of campaigns and festivals to promote the consumption and the grand symposium in order to have attention on the supply of seafoods every year, and is strengthening various P.R. activities on television and helping new openings of tuna specialized restaurants.


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