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Korea's overseas fisheries for the economic growth & national food security through the exploitation of the living marine resources

Korea's overseas fisheries, since launching a trial fishing with one tuna longliner in the Indian Ocean in 1957, has made a remarkable growth over no less than 60 years and become a cornerstone of Korean economic development.
Meeting the international challenges such as the enactment of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and the proclamation of the EEZ by Coastal States, Korea has been a world's leading fishing country.

Catches from the overseas fisheries including JV, which takes 45% of Korea's total production, are entirely derived from fishing for marine resources.
As one of the nation's major fisheries sectors along with Coastal & Offshore fisheries and Aquaculture, overseas fisheries has greatly contributed to the national food security and the development of the related value added industry such as processing, distribution and export. As a responsible fishing industry, we have endeavored to implement national, regional and international commitments in an ensuring manner of sustainability of fish stocks, through the cooperation with the Coastal States and RFMOs.

We will make our ongoing efforts to satisfy the national demand for fish and to contribute to the national economic growth through the increase in export.


Korea Overseas Fisheries Association Chairman
Myung-Kil Yoon


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